Thursday, November 5, 2009

Touching on some things and a NEW mani...

I kid you not I was up around 7:30 am and only had about 2 hours of sleep. I've been so upset about the issues I've written about it previous blogs that my IBS is acting up and I couldn't sleep. It's frustrating when people don't realize what they do is wrong. It's almost like they have a naive childish view on things -Oh my I didn't know you were so serious about these things. No, duh I have a BA in Studio Art and I take anything that belongs to myself or my boyfriend (He has an Associates in Graphic Design and BA in Media Arts) very seriously. If you take it and push it off as your own and don't give credit where credit is due that is a problem. You need to grow up and realize things like this can and will come back to bite you in the ass. What's worse is said person must think I'm an idiot. Ugh. I am moving forward because things will not be resolved as you are to childish to realize the issue.

Needless to say I spent the entire day playing with nail polish. Haha. I swear I gave myself 3 different manicures before I settled on what I was wearing now.

Here it is. Hard Candy's The End with 2 layers of CG's Fairy Dust on top. Ah love. I'm not sure why I had never done it before.
Thanks for reading! =)

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