Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy Post Holiday...

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Mine was great.

I'm blogging from my brand new laptop. I was so surprised I got one. However today I had a little problem. The keyboard stopped working for no reason. I restarted the laptop and it never restarted so I had to do 2 cold shut downs just to get it to turn on again. Needless to say I'm a bit worried now. Ugh. Anyone ever have this problem?

Anyhow I'm going to shower you with some Christmas pictures now. Ok not some how about a lot!
My darling Van Gogh laptop cover/case.

My new HP dv6-1355dx Entertainment Notebook

My brother, myself, and our dog Gravel.

My make-up stash. Look forward to reviews!

NYX palette.

Darling Charm bracelet my Mom started for me. =)

Our dogs Gravel and BG playing with their presents.

This was the day after Christmas. It was freezing and my dog Dixie and I had to watch our Dad climb on the roof.

Dixie. ♥

Such a fun Christmas. I unexpectedly racked up. So much not pictured. My boyfriend got me a Garmin GPS. Ahhh. So happy. Thanks family!

I have so much more to photograph. You will see it in due time.

I'm going to Alabama this Saturday for the Bowl game. My Gamecocks will be taking on Connecticut. I'm very excited. I've never been to Bama before. It's a 5 hour drive. Fun.

I'll also have the joy of getting an eye exam while I'm still at home next week. Think I need glasses. Oh joy.

That's all for now lovelies. Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My 100th Post!

Well, this marks my 100th post. I'm so happy. A big thank you to my followers. I appreciate you so much!

And with that I want to wish you all a very happy holidays! I've been in the kitchen today baking away. Lots of Christmas cookies for the family and boyfriend. Gingerbread with homemade cream cheese icing, and oatmeal raisin for my Dad. He's been asking for them every time I talk to him. Hehe. Cookies are my major Christmas contribution.

I went to Sally's today and picked up Finger Paints Sparkling Snow via a recommendation by Aurora Nail's
She said it was awesome and it is! Thanks for helping finally make the decision to pick it up.

I also got another Matte Magic because they are in the discount bin for $2.99. Check that out. And Nina's Ultra Pro Purple X-ing.

I've got a new pedicure to post that is more Christmas themed. Yay. I took the picture while it was still drying. So excuse the no clean up.

I alternated CG's Ruby Pumps and Emerald Sparkle. Then I tipped the big piggies with FP's Sparkling Snow.

Meghan McCain is sporting a very similar pedicure as she posted this picture via twitter:

Picture by: Meghan McCain's tweet pic.

Well, that's all for now.

Thanks for reading!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Happy Holiday nails...

For about a week I had been thinking about what kind of holiday manicure I wanted to do. I figured I would do white nails with the ring finger polished red and red tips on the white. I found that my I'm way to impatient to do this. Plus my white just wasn't working for me. haha.

So I did the next best thing. I did a snow inspired manicure. We don't get much snow here in the south and if it does its a slushy, icy mess. (However I'm hearing when I go home for Christmas there might be snow. Go figure.)

So here is what I did. I put on my Seche base then two coats of CG's Heaven. Then 1 coat of Finger Paints Private Collection. Then on top of that 1 coat of CG's Glacier. The a Seche top coat. It actually looks pretty and snow like. My camera can't quite capture the sparkle or prettiness of it. Grrr...

Here it is.

I also did a pedicure inspired by Yukon Cornelius from Rudolph. Silver and Gold, Silver and Gold hehe. I used 2 coats of FP's Private Collection and then 2 coats of CG's Medallion. Is so darn sparkly!

I think this is the first time I've shown my feet on here. Haha. I love my feet. Weird I know...

Don't mind the scratch on my foot. The pup stepped on it after I cut her nails. Oops.

Thanks for reading, and Happy Holidays!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

A mini haul...

Wow, I forgot I needed to post some pics from a polish haul I had over a week ago as well as a darling necklace I got.

I used my pup to help model the lovely polishes. So here we go. (He's wearing his favorite jacket.)

I picked up some Seche top coat, CG's Medallion, and Tinsel, and Finger Paints Private Collection. Lovely! I've been wearing the Tinsel for my past two mani's. I love it. I'll have pictures of that eventually.

Now for my necklace. It's by a California based company called Dogeared. They used recycled materials to create their jewelry and packaging. I picked the piece called Love Heals. I loved the meaning behind it. It's very me. A symbolic memorial type piece for myself if you will. Check it out, and check out their website.

Later lovelies!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Come On...

Hey all! I hope everyone is getting in to the Christmas spirit. It's only a week from Christmas. Yay. I'm loving all the pretty Christmas lights.

I would like to share with you all Green River Ordinance's first music video for the song "Come On" (This is the ringtone on my phone. So I rock out whenever my phone rings haha.)

As I've mentioned before these guys are great and deserve all the success in the world. They are the nicest bunch of guys you will ever have the opportunity to know.

Also check out their website and sign up for their mailing list to receive your free download of GRO's "O Holy Night"

Denton, Myself, and Josh


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ladies and Gents...

I spent most of the day watching Rocky movies. I've never really sat and watched them, only bits a pieces. They really aren't bad movies. I'm not going to lie I really got into watching them. And I have a new found crush on old school Sylvester Stallone. Haha. He was a good lookin' man back in the day. Or maybe it's just me...

So that got me thinking, and leads me to what I'm going to post about. What famous/semi-famous people do I really like/have a school girl crush on...
Such a silly post I know, but I was just in that mood and wanted to actually write it out haha. I'm sure all of you have some actor, musicians etc. crushes right?

Hugh Jackman
Loved him since is saw the movie Van Helsing.
Robert Downey Jr.
Adorable right?

Jake Gyllenhaal
He's cute and funny. Anyone else love Bubble Boy?
Zachary Levi
Does anyone watch Chuck? If you don't you should. The new season starts in January!

Adam Levine
His voice and music is such a turn on. I mean really. And all his tattoos equal hot!
Gavin DeGraw
Love this guy. He's so incredibly sweet. Wonderful musician too.Here we are. Excuse me looking craptastic. It was an outdoor venue and it rained. I'm still kicking myself for not going downtown with him and the band that night...
Kevin Pereira
He hosts AOTS on G4. I'm a gaming nerd. He's totally hot! So check out Attack of the Show 7pm weeknights.
Megan Fox
Remember when she started on Hope and Faith? She's beautiful, and I totally have a hot girl crush on her. I mean who doesn't?
Lady Gaga
She's artistic and amazing.

So, those are my crush worthy celebrities. Most people have fleeting crushes on the new it people, but these are some people that just don't get old in my book. Hehe.

Who are some of your favorite celebs? I wanna know...

All pictures from Google search.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Wink of Twink

Nicole by OPI's a Wink of Twink is a darling little silver holo polish. This photo required 3 coats and I still had a few see through places. It's such a soft holo if that makes any sense. I wore this polish for about 6 days and didn't get a major chip until the last day. I was very impressed with it. I suggest you try it out.

I also picked up Gone Wishin' which is a purple and blue glitter. Very pretty. I have yet to wear it however.

In other news. My friend Angie went into labor today and welcomed Rilee Grace Peters into the world. I'm so excited for her and can't wait to meet little Rilee.

Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bare Minerals Product Review...

Are you ready for a eyeshadow primer review?

As some of you may know I'd been in the market for an eyeshadow primer. I was getting sick and tired of greasy lids.
I finally bit the bullet when I was at Ulta and got the Bare Minerals Prime Time eyelid primer. I'm an avid Bare Minerals user so I figured this was the best way to go.

Cost: $16

What they say it does-
  • Works overtime so that you enjoy vibrant, lasting eyecolor
  • Combats excess oil so that your eyelids don't look greasy
  • Perfect for when you need all-day, all-night staying power
  • Goes on in a jiffy thanks to our convenient applicator
  • Sheer, neutral tint that doesn't interfere with your favorite colors
  • Oil-free, fragrance-free, allergy-tested and dermatologist-tested, so you can be carefree and comfortable

So I used this on Sunday. I was attending the USC vs. Clemson basketball game. It was going to be a fairly long day. Make up went on about 10am and didn't come off until late that night. I have super oily lids! I must say I was extremely pleased. My eyeshadow stayed put the entire time and looked great. I even took a nap once I was home and woke up with eyeshadow still looking good. Pretty amazing.

I must give this primer a 5 out 0f 5 stars.

It's not to pricey and the application is easy.

Here is the rest of my Bare Minerals haul from Ulta! I was in need of some new things as I panned my Tinted Mineral Veil.

That's all for now. Enjoy your day beauties!

Contest time!

Painted Lady Fingers is having a contest in celebration of 300 followers. I can only dream to have that many lol.

Head on over and check out the Ladies Choice of Diamonds contest:

Here is what you can win:
* Diamond Cosmetics Holiday Collection of four polishes
* Their new matte top coat
* Eight additional polishes of her choice from the core line
* A nail file
* A clear cosmetics bag

So go enter everyone!

Monday, December 7, 2009


I recently picked up CG's Ruby Pumps. I'm all about the glitter. It's really perfect for the holidays as well. It went on smoothly in two coats. It's got a rougher texture so for me a top coat was a must. After about 2 days I was having some chipping problems. I'm not really sure why. I just redid them because I'm loving the color.

I decided to matte it today, and I seriously couldn't stop looking at my nails. Love!

Peep it.

Happy Polishing!

Friday, December 4, 2009

My computer is FULL!

Eek. Today I started editing nail polish photos and when I went to save them, my computer said I had no room to save anything else. Of course I don't have my jump drives with me either. Boo. My computer is 4 1/2 years old and has been running like poo for a while. I know it's time for a new one soon...

Now that I can't share pictures as planned I am sad.

I do have something that I can share however. I cut my hair for the first time yesterday. I've done trims and what not throughout my life but this was the first time I legitimately cut my layers. I took about two inches off. It really cleaned things up nicely and gave my hair a bit more oomph again. I was so proud of myself.

Peep it.

Later beauties!