Friday, August 23, 2013

A First for Me - Glitter Gradients.

Long time no post. I'm sorry. Life gets in the way of my urge and time to blog sometimes. So I finally bought a cheap pack of wedge make up sponges so I could try out gradient manicures. I've been a lot more adventurous in the nail department for the last few months so obviously I wanted to try something new.

I used OPI's Mimosas for Mr. & Mrs. as my base. I've been loving that color lately. I tried out a few combinations to see what I liked and fell back on my tried and true Orly's Sparkling Garbage. I swear that polish has to be one of my absolute favorites. It's one glitter/jelly that I've used multiple times and I can always turn to it for a fun eye-catching mani. How can you not love minty green holographic jelly goodness?! Anyway enough gushing over Sparkling Garbage and on to the manicure.

It took me a few tries to get the gradient the way I liked it consistently. I put some polish on tinfoil and dipped my wedge sponge in and got to work. I dabbed the polish in layers beginning about halfway down the nail and gradually raised it for each layer until I go to the tips. It's really just a matter of dabbing the polish on to your liking really. Now on to the photos!

I'm absolutely loving this! Thanks for reading!