Monday, June 14, 2010

It's official. I'm in love with Summer.

Lack up polish updates yet again. I tell you I've been staying kind of neutral lately. I've been at lots of baseball games and it's just easier that way. Less maintenance.
So this post will consist of a Life update. (my first Nuf Oh polishes and Baseball. Oh and my 24th Birthday and a Daughtry concert. Haha. Lots of stuff happening this past week...)
I'm so pleased with my flakies. I can't wait to have more.Now on to baseball. College baseball. If you don't know already I'm a University of South Carolina (USC) alumni. Thus I pull for my Gamecocks, and have been doing so since birth. The boys ended the regular season on a tough note and didn't show well in the SEC tourney. They just couldn't get the bats going.
Thank goodness we got a Regional. I spent three days, June 4-6, sitting behind home plate watching my favorite team kick butt. It was fantastic. Not only that but my friend/player told me they were going to win that Sunday game for me so I could celebrate my birthday on Monday June 7 with happiness. He was true to his word and even hit a 3 run homer that night. Hehe. Here are a few pictures from Regional weekend.

My old college roommate! I love her!

Whit and I. (USC right fielder #5)

Jeff and I (USC 1st baseman #6)

Scott and I (USC 2nd baseman #8)

So on my 24th Birthday. I found out that the Gamecocks would be playing at Coastal Carolina for the Super Regional. I was pumped and ready to be there. Tickets went on sale at Coastal the day of my birthday and would be on sale to the general public on Tuesday. So I went on with my birthday as planned.
I went home with my boyfriend and went out to dinner with my family and best friend. My boyfriend had already gotten me a beautiful birthday cake so my Mom decided to to a playful cake and got me a My Little Pony cake. It was quite funny. Dinner and family time was wonderful and my birthday went off without a hitch. Whoa I can't believe I'm 24 haha.
Peep the Birthday fun:Well, Tuesday the day after my birthday was a bit crazed. I was going to see Daughtry, Lifehouse and Cavo that night via my birthday present from the boyfriend. But my mind was on getting baseball tickets to the Super Regional. Coastal was pulling some mess with the tickets and only allowing walk ups in Myrtle Beach to get the tickets (no limit) They weren't going to put tickets up to the general public until 5pm online. Well guess what? Those tickets sold out way before that. The box office in Myrtle Beach wouldn't even answer the phones for ticket orders that day either! I was beyond pissed. I've gone to every Super we've been a part of since 2000! News outlets and our Head Coach showed they were displeased with the way ticketing was done. Some calling it a scam etc. Needless to say I was sad and angry over the whole thing. But the show must go on and my boyfriend were off to see Daughtry. The show was amazing. I even met the opening band, Cavo.

Now on to baseball again. I wasn't in Myrtle Beach, but I watched my boys bust their arse's and win two days in a row in 100 plus degree heat. We made it to OMAHA!!! Amazing.

The team came back from Myrtle Beach late Sunday night. (1 am so technically Monday.) And my boyfriend and I went to welcome them back at the Stadium.

So here's the video I took.
And this is my friend Scott Wingo and I. He's our 2nd baseman. (He also made SportCenter's Top 10 plays on Saturday. ) Anyway we went to Rival high schools back home, but both of us are Gamecocks. Haha.

Ok, that's all I've got. Hope you enjoyed all the pictures and my ramble!