Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I've been feeling very unwell, but I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Glimmering Grey

So I had an appointment with a Neurologist on Tuesday. It was strange and I had mixed feelings about the visit. They didn't want to run any tests which seemed strange to us. There really wasn't a diagnosis from what I understood, and they put me on Lyrica. I just don't know. I feel like some tests should be run (MRI, Catscan) something, otherwise how can you rule things out. The majority of the time I don't feel well and experience all kinds of strange pains, pressures and spasms in my head, body, and eyes. Not to mention I get weak, fatigued and have random moments of shaking.
My Family Doctor just happened to call me, and set up an Echocardiagram for me for next week. That was the soonest it could be scheduled. They want to make sure everything is working properly since I've been having high heart rate issues. (That's why I was in the hospital along with dehydration. They dehydration made it worse.) I'm glad this is happening, I pray that everything is working properly and they figure things out.

As I sad in my last post I did paint my toenails before my doctor's appointment. Even though I didn't feel well I thought it could be a nice pick me up. I used Rimmel's Steel Grey and Nicole by OPI in Pitch Black Glimmer over top. I loved it. I smile when I look at my toes. That's a good thing. I managed to take a picture or two. So beware here are some toes!
 I thought this was cute. My pup had his leg stretched out while he was sleeping on my foot.

Here's another shot of it. My toes look kind of chunky. They don't look that way IRL.
But you get the idea of the polish combo. Too bad I couldn't pick up all the sparkle.

Anyway, Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Halloween Fun

Since my health concerns have kept me from doing a lot, my dreams of dressing up like Katy Perry this year got put on hold. At least I rocked out Lady Gaga last year before it became the it thing. Check out my Gaga costume from Halloween 2009.

I'm dealing with lots of weird symptoms and feelings and generally not feeling well. I'm on some meds to try and help me until I get to see specialists. Tomorrow I have an appointment with a Neurologist. I'm just praying for help and good health again.

Since I can't do much right now I've been playing a lot on Picnik. I'm dressing up my pictures for Halloween since I can't physically do it.

Here are some of my creations!

 Bewitching. Ohhh.

 My Pirate Pup.

Rocky Horror anyone?
I made my boyfriend Dr. Frank-N-Furter and myself Columbia.
Love it!

I also did some for my Mom and Brother, and I'm trying to figure out what to do for my Dad haha.

P.S. I actually painted my toenails tonight since I have to go to the Doctor tomorrow. Something to lift my spirits since they haven't been painted it a long time. I used Rimmel's Steel Gray and Nicole by OPI's Pitch-Black-Glimmer. Sparkly neutral for the win.

Thanks for reading my ramble.

Goodnight and God Bless!

Sunday, October 17, 2010


I'm going on a brief hiatus from my blog. Or at least anything related to nail polish or beauty, because I'm not really using anything. My health has been a major concern as of late. I was in the hospital over the weekend and have more doctor's appointments upcoming.

I'm scared and worried, but I just keep praying. I will get through this!

God Bless.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

BIG BUFFING ROAD TRIP 2010 with Leslie Blodgett

Today the Executive Chairman of Bare Escentuals, Leslie Blodgett, was in my town for the BIG BUFFING ROAD TRIP 2010. I was super excited. I'm a big bareMinerals user. I've watched her with my Mom ever since she began on QVC , and finally began using her products in college. I haven't turned back. This was the first make-up I used that looked natural, it really let me shine through. No caked-up mismatched color mess here!

Anyhow I'd know about this for a while and was very excited when we got to Ulta this afternoon. My Mom also came with me. It was a bit crazy in there. So much going on. They were also doing bareMinerals makeovers, but since I use the product I did not feel the need to do that. My whole goal for going was to meet Leslie, and I did! She is super cute and sweet. She seems to have a really fun personality. We talked a bit. She asked if I used the product and I told her my story. She thanked my Mom for introducing me to her on QVC. It was just a fun moment. I got her autograph and we took pictures with her as well.

(P.S. - The team member there was super nice and took everyone's pictures for them. He deserved a big high-five.)

Without further ado here are the pictures.

It was a good time. So with that, if you've never used anything from Bare Escentuals give it a try!

Thanks for reading. =)

Saturday, October 2, 2010


It's been some time since my last blog post. I'm sorry. I actually haven't done much since then. My nails have been in rather rough shape, so they are on a strengthening treatment right now.

I've also just been feeling very awful. I'm not sure why exactly or what it may be related to. It wasn't to long ago that I had a physical, and since my insurance isn't that a great I try not to go to the doctor too much as it doesn't pay for it. I will hopefully be getting new insurance soon though and hopefully get my issues sorted out.

Honestly, I'm a worrier. So when weird things happen (pain etc.) I get very freaked out. It seems as though as I've gotten older I worry a lot more. Not good I know.

I just want to feel better. Get back to how I felt over 2 years ago. I felt good. I was happy and I enjoyed being active.

I just pray everyday that I can get back to that.

Thanks for reading. =)