Saturday, October 2, 2010


It's been some time since my last blog post. I'm sorry. I actually haven't done much since then. My nails have been in rather rough shape, so they are on a strengthening treatment right now.

I've also just been feeling very awful. I'm not sure why exactly or what it may be related to. It wasn't to long ago that I had a physical, and since my insurance isn't that a great I try not to go to the doctor too much as it doesn't pay for it. I will hopefully be getting new insurance soon though and hopefully get my issues sorted out.

Honestly, I'm a worrier. So when weird things happen (pain etc.) I get very freaked out. It seems as though as I've gotten older I worry a lot more. Not good I know.

I just want to feel better. Get back to how I felt over 2 years ago. I felt good. I was happy and I enjoyed being active.

I just pray everyday that I can get back to that.

Thanks for reading. =)

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