Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ladies and Gents...

I spent most of the day watching Rocky movies. I've never really sat and watched them, only bits a pieces. They really aren't bad movies. I'm not going to lie I really got into watching them. And I have a new found crush on old school Sylvester Stallone. Haha. He was a good lookin' man back in the day. Or maybe it's just me...

So that got me thinking, and leads me to what I'm going to post about. What famous/semi-famous people do I really like/have a school girl crush on...
Such a silly post I know, but I was just in that mood and wanted to actually write it out haha. I'm sure all of you have some actor, musicians etc. crushes right?

Hugh Jackman
Loved him since is saw the movie Van Helsing.
Robert Downey Jr.
Adorable right?

Jake Gyllenhaal
He's cute and funny. Anyone else love Bubble Boy?
Zachary Levi
Does anyone watch Chuck? If you don't you should. The new season starts in January!

Adam Levine
His voice and music is such a turn on. I mean really. And all his tattoos equal hot!
Gavin DeGraw
Love this guy. He's so incredibly sweet. Wonderful musician too.Here we are. Excuse me looking craptastic. It was an outdoor venue and it rained. I'm still kicking myself for not going downtown with him and the band that night...
Kevin Pereira
He hosts AOTS on G4. I'm a gaming nerd. He's totally hot! So check out Attack of the Show 7pm weeknights.
Megan Fox
Remember when she started on Hope and Faith? She's beautiful, and I totally have a hot girl crush on her. I mean who doesn't?
Lady Gaga
She's artistic and amazing.

So, those are my crush worthy celebrities. Most people have fleeting crushes on the new it people, but these are some people that just don't get old in my book. Hehe.

Who are some of your favorite celebs? I wanna know...

All pictures from Google search.

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