Tuesday, November 24, 2009

All I want for Christmas and then some...

So I decided to work on a small Christmas list to help my family out. It seems like all I want is makeup etc. It's just hard narrowing down my choices.

Totally wanting this NYX Eyeshadow Palette. It's $25 and I hear the color pay off is pretty great.

Next on my list is BareMinerals Beauty on the Go case. $28
All I use is bareMinerals when it comes to my face, and this would be perfect so I don't have to carry around my little pots and make a mess ha. I'm so glad our local malls have gotten the stores. No more shipping!

The next items I want I've heard great things about, and I've never owned a MAC product and would like to.
Mineralize Eye Shadow in Cinderfella, and Gilt by Association $19.50
MAC makes such great product and I would love to own a little piece. Hopefully somewhere nearby has these to shadows...

I'm also up in the air about a particular item. Not necessarily on my Christmas list, but the I need it list. I've never used Eyeshadow Primer before and lately I've been feeling the need for some. I'm just not sure where to turn. I've been looking at Urban Decay XL Primer Potion $22, Smashbox Photo Finish Lid Primer $20, and BareMinerals Prime Time Eyelid Primer $16. It's such a toss up. I want to be loyal to my BareMinerals but I've heard great things about the other two. What to do?

Moving on.

Anything Hello Kitty is on my Christmas list for sure. I adore it. My brother found these super cute shirts and jackets on Sear's website. Hopefully I'll get one. Hehe.

I'm also Team Edward and would love to have this cute shirt from Nordstroms:

I've been on the hunt for a boyfriend jacket and would love to have this one in black:

Oh and I guess the bigger thing I would love to have is a new HP laptop. Ahh. My laptop is currently trying to bite the dust and I'm in need of a new one...

These are really the only things that stand out to me for Christmas. At least for now. If I add anything I'm sure I'll edit it...

Goodnight beauties!

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