Thursday, November 12, 2009

A new test subject...

Sorry for my somewhat absence. I'm home visiting family. Not much going on in my world, but hanging out with my 18 year old bro and our dogs.

I've even got unpolished nails. EEK!

I'm in the market for some new polishes. I like things on the darker side and glittery. Oh and a new base coat too...Any suggestions would be appreciated. =)

So as I said I've been hanging out with my brother a good bit and he reluctantly gave in and let me use my Clean and Clear Blackhead Eraser Cleansing Mask on him. I've reviewed this product on here already but I was curious to see how it would work on a guy.
He is quite lucky and has pretty great skin. It makes me jealous. He only gets a couple blackheads here and there. So I applied this mask on him and let it do its thing. The next day I noticed a difference in his skin. The one blackhead he had was practically gone.
So in my opinion this product is a must have for people who have stubborn little blackheads!

Peep out matching masks. He was such a good sport...

Thanks for reading!

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