Wednesday, November 4, 2009

An Annoyance Part 2

Ok, again I need to rant about what went along with the previous post.

My boyfriend posted all the photographs on Facebook that he took on Halloween. I then noticed tonight said "friend" started to post more of his pictures. I got annoyed. I mean come on they aren't yours!

I emailed her boyfriend because I don't know her as well and figured speaking to him would be the best way to go. He said this: We didn't realize it was a big deal and Chris never said for us not to post them either. Were not trying to steal his work or nothing. Trust me I know how serious he is when he took pics of my car.

Just because my boyfriend didn't say not to post his work/photos doesn't mean you should. Again they aren't yours. My boyfriend didn't think she was going to do that. Duh.

I don't want to cause problems with my boyfriend and his friend, but I feel that's just not right. I've had work/pieces/ideas stolen from me and passed off as that person's work when I know in fact they were not the original creators (Screw you USC Graphic Design.) So that's why it bothers me.

*Edit* She decided to un-tag me from 2 of the photos that my boyfriend put up. Apparently that was her way of solving the problem. Grow up and take the photos down, it's that simple.
I try not to watermark everything I put on Facebook, but if people like her think it's OK to post photographs that belong to another person without credit then I'm going to have to think again.

I need some opinions. What do you gals think?


  1. I agree with you. I think your boyfriend is going to have to be the one to say something though.

  2. Thank you for you comments. I really do appreciate it.
    He did talk with his friend and when he did his friend sung a different tune earlier in the day yesterday. When I confront the friend I'm the bad guy. It's so frustrating and sad that they don't realize what they did was wrong. It's also sad that they had no respect for what I had to say.