Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Gamecocks...

Today my South Carolina Gamecocks went down 24-14 against the #1 Florida Gators. Ouch. It was such a good game unfortunately the 4th quarter went down hill as soon as it began. It's hard to see such a talented group of guys play so hard and not be able to finish. If you know anything about Gamecock football I'm sure you've heard a lot of fans are ready to see Coach Steve Spurrier retire. Sometimes I don't think his coaching style really benefits the players of this era. As my friend Jamon said, "Positive attitude brings positive results... Being negative all the time gets you beat!!!" He played for 4 years under Spurrier and is currently the starting offensive tackle for the Buffalo Bills. We talked a little after the game. He would know better than anyone what goes on in Spurrier land, and what players just don't respond to. Anyway rough day for us Gamecocks. Off week next week, and then on to our final regular season game against our Rival Clemson. Let's hope for a win fellow Gamecocks...

I'm gonna plug Jamon. Check him out as the Bills take on the Titans tomorrow on CBS @ 1pm. I've know this guy since we were kids. He's a good man and talented football player.

And so this post isn't totally picture-less I'm pulling one out of the vault. Here is Jamon and myself at our Senior Prom many many moons ago. Don't hate... lol

Moving on. Hopefully I'll have some new pictures etc. up soon. Unfortunately my computer and I aren't getting along right now, and I can't edit them. Ahhh!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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