Wednesday, November 4, 2009

An annoyance

I need to vent. You can skip this entry if you like. Haha.

My boyfriend is the owner of a Canon 50D camera. (He is a freelance photographer ergo the high end camera) Anyway he was the "camera man" so to speak at the Halloween party we attended over the weekend. He wanted to upload pictures to Facebook but was having computer issues and had yet to do so. Last night I noticed my boyfriend was tagged in a picture that was added just last night to an already existing photo album. Said "friend" posted about 2 pages of pictures that did not belong to her, they were my boyfriends. Obviously I knew because I had all of the pictures on my computer. I got upset. She did not credit him or anything. I was also confused as to how she got them. She also was picking and choosing what to post and neglect to post anything I was in. Hmm. Honestly I don't think she cares for me, but that's another story.
Today I found out the my boyfriend gave a copy of the pictures to her boyfriend. (They are good friends) He just wanted to have them and she was NOT to post them, because duh they weren't her's to begin with. Her boyfriend didn't know that she had done that and was going to have a talk with her.
With all this said. If you have pictures you didn't take and post them as your own that is messed up. Especially when others know they aren't yours. Unless you have consent to post pictures that don't belong to you or you can give credit where credit is do you should not post photos period!!

I'm sorry that just really irked me.

Moving on...

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  1. Some people were made with a lack of common sense. While anyone can take a picture, not everyone can "take a picture", if that makes sense. I have a lot of friends who are artist, all through different mediums and they have all put a lot of themselves in their work. Most people don't know the time, energy, and sacrifice behind success. Just remember, Karma's a B**** and everything comes full circle.