Tuesday, November 24, 2009

How Crazy is this???

If you live in the state of South Carolina you know that biggest game of the season will be played this Saturday. I'm talking Carolina vs. Clemson. It's down here in Columbia this year. And of course it's an afternoon start. (Go Cocks!)

Would you like to know why it's an afternoon start?

One name, Miley Cyrus.

She is performing that evening at the Colonial Life Arena. Thus they moved the game time to the afternoon to accommodate her show. I seriously doubt many game goers were going to care about Miley Cyrus and her concert. It's caused quite a bit of commotion around here though. Just thinking that she could have an impact on football game times is insane!

Not only that but she has also made special arrangements with the Publix downtown near the arena. She called ahead and requested her own register, cashier and bagger reserved so she won't have to wait in line. So I'm saying this now. If you want to see Miley Cyrus head down to the Vista Publix in Columbia and hang. (All this info coming from an inside source.)

Just thought I would share the impact that Miley Cyrus has on our little world...

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