Friday, November 13, 2009

Mini Haul

First off this post won't have any pictures. Eek. But hopefully I'll get some time to post later on this weekend.

My mom and I went to Sally's today and looked around. I was looking for a new basecoat for my nails and decided to pick up Seche Plus Fortified Strengthener. I was also on the hunt for CG's Emerald Sparkle. I looked everywhere and it was not to be found. Then bam I saw it sitting the the CG's Watermelon Rind spot. Only Emerald Sparkle in the store! I also got CG's Black Diamond and Glacier. My mom also picked up a pretty pink holo by Sally Girl. I can't recall the name but it looks similar to CG's Don't Be a Square.

Then we popped into Ross and I came upon some great stuff. The Color Club Dance to the Musique set for $7.99. I was pretty happy. I also got an E.L.F Smokey Eyes set.

I got a cute jacket, boots, and some great bras. All in all a successful trip. Hehe.

Keep a look out for pictures.

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