Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rant about Stupid remarks...

I would like to take the time to rant about something my boyfriend told me today. He was at work and one of his female coworkers was showing off pictures of her toy sized pup. My boyfriend decided he would show pictures of our beautiful girls as well.
He showed this picture of Gracie our beagle.
Said coworker then says "Oh she must me the stupid one."

I was enraged when he told me this. Gracie doesn't look stupid nor is she stupid. Where the hell does this woman get off making such an idiotic remark? What about this picture made her think that was a smart thing to say? Why would you say that about someone's dog?

Again I was beyond angry and still am. I don't know this woman, but it really makes me want to meet her and give her what for. My dogs are my children, and I will not stand for someone to make rude remarks about them.

My dogs are very smart. My boyfriend and I taught them well.

Penny was our first dog we got together. Within a day she was outdoor potty trained. In the snap of your fingers she just knew what to do. She knows commands such as sit, lay down, shake hands, and high five. She knows how to walk on just her back legs which she taught herself to do. If you say "Go Gamecocks" she will jump up and high-five you as well.
Gracie is also outdoor potty trained. She knows the commands sit, lay down, shake hands, and high-five, and she plays fetch like nobody's business. She can also be off leash sometimes.
They know the meaning of many words. If you tell them to go upstairs they will go upstairs. If you say "Out" they will leave the area you don't want them in. If you tell them to drop something they do. If you tell them it's bath time they know exactly what it means and will try and hide. Haha. Honestly this is only half of what my dogs can do. They are extremely intelligent little ladies.

With all of this said...Suck it lady! (I'm sorry it had to be said lol)

Now here are some pictures of my beautiful children.

Gracie wants to shake your hand.

Penny wants to shake too.

Laying together and being sweet.

Gracie was a sleepy girl.

Penny's angelic face.

Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy the pictures!


  1. Your dogs are adorable...SUCK IT LADY pretty much sums it up! Congrats, they look like great pets :)

  2. Then "she" must be the stupid one at work - lol! Some people just enjoy being ugly for some reason. The pups are very cute!

  3. Thank you. =) That's the same thing I was thinking. lol.