Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Late Night Swatching Hard Candy Lips

And now we have a couple lip colors for you enjoyment...

I think I may have found one of the best nude lipsticks I've seen. It's called Fire Alarm. I know the picture may be deceiving but trust me I've never seen my lips that pale!

First photo in a zoom of the photo following it. Again Sans make-up.

(Eeeekkk. Every feature I have looks hugeeee! Don't be cruel.)

OK now please don't be harsh I was Sans Makeup and wearing my PJ's in this photo. I was just sporting the Hard Candy Balm Girls tinted lip balm in Diana. It's so subtle, but perks up my pout. It's very smooth and creamy on the lips. No sticky here!
I think I've swatched every Hard Candy item I have except for the polish. Look for that soon! And again, Goodnight.

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