Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Any Nfu Oh owners out there?

I've been eying Nfu-oh polish on numerous blogs for a long time. They are such beautiful polishes. I found and e-tailer that sells them finally for $12.50 a pop. Eekk.

This is Nfu-oh 060 and I'm in a deep want for this polish. Only time will tell if I end up shelling out $12.50.

Any Nfu-oh lovers out there?


  1. Fabulous Street is where I have bought all my Nfu Ohs. They are still the same price at 12.50 BUT this is a very trust worthy seller and I know Ebay can be a little "ify" at times.

    Also, I noticed some really cool stuff on your blog and would love to add you to my New Blogs on the Block posts I do at my blog on Mondays :)

  2. Thank your for the info. I've been going back and forth on where to buy them.

    I would love to be part of your New Blogs on the Block post. It would be an honor! =)