Sunday, October 4, 2009


As you all know by now I'm an artist. My inspiration comes from all over the place. I was watching a Crash Investigation James Dean's Death on NatGeo last night and became so intrigued by this beautiful man. I've always loved 1950's movie stars and all the glamor associated with that era. My mother always tells me I was born in the wrong time period. Ha. But back to the point. Although I've always know about James Dean, I didn't really know who he was. I got inspired last night, and started working on some art piece ideas and doing major Dean research. He was a such a beautifully complicated and intelligent man. He was an art lover and avid photographer. His untimely death was so tragic. Only 24, a year older than myself. Insane.

I love the inspiration I've found through learning about this man. I can't wait to get some solid pieces created.

Now this all begs the question What inspires you?

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