Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day 2013

Today is a day to give thanks to those who have served and continue to do so. Thank you for protecting our freedom. Happy Memorial Day!

My Grandpa a Navy Gunner on the Essex in WWII.

My husband got a new propane tank and we grilled out for the first time this year! I was super excited. We ate well and relaxed with the pups. It was a nice day.

Orly Frisky. Accent Nail: China Glaze Love Marilyn

Posing with her toy that we found again. She was happy it still squeaked!

It looks like we were about to play leap frog!

Time to play fetch!

First grillin' of the season!

I love crispy hot dogs!

The finished meal.

I adore my little family. ♥

Happy Memorial Day from our family to yours!

Thanks for reading!

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