Friday, May 17, 2013

OOTD Hot Day Maxi Style

Today my Husband and I went and ran errands and went to dinner. We've been married for 2 weeks! Just thinking about that puts a huge smile on my face. He wanted to surprise me and take me to see The Great Gatsby but the theater we normally go to stopped showing it to show more Star Trek I believe. Either way my hubby is awesome! It was pretty warm out so here's what I put together for the afternoon out.

This was me trying to be I model. I just don't know. Haha.

Top: Cold Shoulder Burnout Top (here)
Maxi: Lily Rose Striped Maxi (here)
Belt: Old
Sandals: Target

I opted for a maxi because I was feeling a bit bloated haha. I love this top! Its super comfortable and very versatile. I also have it in black and a print. I have a feeling they will be my go to tops this Summer.

Thanks for reading!

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