Thursday, January 13, 2011

Zoya's Harley

I had been lemming this color for quite some time. I adore gray, and this one looked special. Once I got a spoon of it I knew it would be mine. I picked Harley as part of my 3 Free during the promotion.

I decided to wear it first out of the 3 I had picked because I just loved it so. Zoya's website describes it as "Light concrete gray base with subtle flecks of silver, gold and copper shimmer." The darker gray and copper flecks of shimmer are what stood out to me most. It makes this gray unique.

I put this on last Thursday evening (1/6/11) I decided to do a wear test since I had also bought Anchor and Armor. The formula on Harley is wonderful. So easy to apply. I only used 2 coats, and of course a coat of Anchor and Armor.

Here are the pictures (I'll caption them by day.)

The first three photos are from the first day. (Thursday)
Sunday 1/9/11 (Left hand)
Sunday 1/9/11 (Right Hand) At this point I had gone to a Music Video Shoot, went shopping and tried on lots of pants etc...
Monday 1/10/11 I had my first chip on my left thumb. I'm not really sure when it happened. Otherwise very minimal tip wear.
Tuesday 1/11/11 Still very minimal tip wear and the chip on my thumb got a bit bigger. It snowed Sunday night through Monday and I had done lots of playing in the snow etc. at this point.
Wednesday 1/12/11 - Thumb chip a bit bigger and tip wear a bit more noticeable.

So my verdict: This is an awesome polish and the length of time I went without a single chip was amazing! I'm very pleased with Anchor and Armor. They've done a fantastic job. I'm really happy I decided to purchase them. You can bet more times than not that's what I'll be using!

I'll be taking off this polish today and switching to something different. I'll be the Second Shooter AKA Photographer at a wedding this weekend and I'll be wearing all black. I think I may pop it with some red a la Zoya's Jade. We'll see.

I hope this has been a helpful post. Have you tried Anchor and Armor? Do you want to?

Thanks for reading!


  1. I wish I'd gotten the color lock system when they were offering it with 6 polishes of your choice.. at least I think they were at some point? I may have dreamed it up.. Anywho!

    I've tagged you with a Stylish Blogger award here. :D Thanks for being so awesome!

  2. I totally remember that! It wasn't that long ago if I'm remembering correctly. Next time you order from Zoya think about getting it. I was amazed with how well it worked.

    And thank you for the tag! I'm working on it now! Hehe. =)

  3. Yea, it's gorgeous! And thank you very much! =)