Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Zoya's 3 Free-What I got.

So, by now everyone knows Zoya had their 3 free promotion for hitting 20,000 likes on Facebook. Last week they put out a code so you could get your pick of 3 polishes. Zoya had a lot of traffic to the site which I know caused issues for many. It's expected in promotions like this though. I for one am grateful to Zoya for doing wonderful things like this. I was lucky and got my order in without issue and it came within 2 days.

Last Thursday I opened my box of pretties. (I know I should have had this up sooner.) I had also ordered part of the color lock system- Anchor and Armor.

So I'm sure you are ready to see what I got. Well, here they are:

Kotori, Harley, and Jade. Such wonderful colors.

And here is a sneek peek of an up coming post about Harley:

So what Zoya's did you pick up?

Thanks for reading!


  1. Oooh pretty! i can't wait till mine gets here! I got Jo, Laurie, and Astra!

  2. I got two orders. Adina, Ivanka, and Crystal. Then Edyta, Alegra, and Zara.

  3. @Aurora They are indeed. Can't wait to see yours. I was back and forth on Astra, but it's still on my wish list. I have Jo. It's so pretty!

    @Kendal Nice! You'll love Crystal it is so gorgeous! My Mom ordered too and told me to pick the colors so we'll have Luna, Gigi, and Katy coming soon. Haha.

  4. oh, Harley looks like something I would order! I can't wait to get mine.

  5. @Stephanie If you get the chance you must get it! It's so pretty. The pictures just don't do it justice.

  6. I couldn't pick any up cause it didn't apply to us Europeans. However I did get Edyta on my own through Ebay. :) Is Harley on the blue scale? It looks super! :)

  7. @Millie I hate that you couldn't participate in the promo. They said the had over 300,000 orders. I can't imagine how it would have been if it was international.
    I have a spoon swatch of Edyta. It's on my list. I hope you enjoy it. =)
    Harley is a pretty true concrete gray. It's got darker gray flecks, and silver and copper flecks in it. It can lean bluer in some lights though. It's such a unique color in my opinion.