Tuesday, January 25, 2011

OPI's Katy Perry Collection- Bottle Shots and Swatches!

Most people don't know but I'm a big Katy Perry fan. She's beautiful and I like her style. Plus she always has her nails on point. Haha.

As soon as I realized the her new OPI collaboration collection was out online, everything was sold out but the Shatter polish. So I made a trip to Ulta. They had nothing out. On Sunday my friend Kendal let me know the Ulta had finally put out the collection. When I went in on Monday they had everything but Shatter. I was told they would get more in soon, but everyone was clamoring for it. They even told me the employees were scooping it up. (Mini Rant: I understand that employees have the right to buy things, but in my opinion they shouldn't be allowed to grab up everything from the first shipment. That's total BS.)

Some of the displays via my camera phone:

One of several empty displays.

So what did I pick up? I got the mini bottles set, and I got regular size bottles of Teenage Dream and Not Like the Movies. Hopefully I'll find the highly coveted Shatter eventually.

Ooh, I love the sparkle in Teenage Dream.

Hopefully I'll get to swatch these soon. I'm not much of a swatcher. I'm more of a full mani kind of gal. Haha. But if I get around to swatches I'll add them to this post!

EDIT: I finally swatched the collection. So here they are. (Minus Shatter)

2 coats.

Teenage Dream- 3 coats. Pink base with various size glitter. Hexagon glitter is holographic.
Not Like the Movies- 3 coats. This is one of those oil slick kind of colors.  Pinks, greens and gray flashes along with some silver glitter sparkle.
The One That Got Away- 3 coats. I could have gotten away with 2. It's a berry with lovely glass-flecking.
Last Friday Night-  3 coats. Blue based sheer with various sizes of glitter and possible flakies. Good layering polish.
I must say I really like them all. Last Friday Night is obviously very sheer. I think a possible dupe for this may be a Sinful Colors Hottie. Otherwise I'm loving the other colors and will probably go back for a full size bottle of The One that Got Away.

Did you pick anything up from this collection?

Thanks for reading!


  1. I like Katy Perry quite a bit, but this collection didn't really stand out for me. Although, I did pick up (then eventually put back down) the minis more than once during that Ulta trip. I think the only one that I'd get is Not Like The Movies..

  2. It's still in stores here in Sweden but a bottle of OPI costs about $21 which I say is too much! That's for a normal bottle of OPI, DS are at least the dubble amount. So needless to say, I buy my OPI's online from USA or England and it's A LOT cheaper! I wasn't actually lemming this collection but I to am a fan of Katy Perry and I kind of liked the sheer ones, but I ordered the mini and full bottles of everyone except Not Like The Movies... I'm not so sure about that one.

    Oh yeah, see I got to change my email address too so now it's like my blog name and my name when I comment too. :) /Millie

  3. @Kendal yea I picked up the mini's several times before I got it. I got a random discount so I spent less than I thought I would. Not Like the Movies is so pretty. It kinda reminds me of Zoya's Ki.

    @Mille Whoa I can't believe that OPI costs that much over there. That's insane. Glad you ordered a few of them though.