Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up: OOTD, Rivers, and Candy!

Our Sunday's have become quite eventful days. I look forward to them. We go to Church and then we do some shopping and usually have plans with friends. It's exhausting, but oh so fun!

We hit up the new Urban Outfitters that opened downtown. After that we went down to one of the new openings of the River Walk. Then we headed to Trader Joe's because I needed my herb and spices popcorn and pineapple juice hehe!

Dress: Target (here)
Chambray Shirt: Delias (old)
Sandals: Target (here)
Headband: Loft

This dragonfly landed on my head and scared the poo out of me until I figured out what it was haha!

Love this fella! 

Orly's Sparkling Garbage

After all of that we went to the Mast General Store and this is what happened: 

Yay for candy and stuffed weenie dog toys named Frank! Haha. We ended the evening with dinner at Red Robin with our friends Jeff and Jill. Good times! Once we were home we watched some good ole reality tv and I played a pc game with my brother. Then I passed out. Another successful Sunday in the books!

Thanks for reading!

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