Thursday, July 18, 2013

My Husband's 30!

On Tuesday my Husband celebrated his 30th Birthday. It's crazy to think I've known him since he was 21 and look at him now hitting the big 30. This man is my rock and I'm so thankful for him and his love.

Since I had still been recovering from my surgery I decided to get crafty and make the majority of his Birthday surprises. I made a shabby chic Happy Birthday banner, card, and a book with 30 Reason's why I love him. I also got him a few little Under Armour surprises. I decorated everything the night before so when he woke up for work he would see it all.

He loved his new Under Armour goodies. That evening we went to Red Lobster for dinner. It was yummy. We headed home and lit the candles on his Birthday cake. The same cake we had at our Wedding and on my Birthday. I think this will be a tradition. =)

Our pup Penny also shares her Birthday with her Daddy. She turned 7! Gosh she's such a grown up! She got an extra large rawhide bone and a new toy! The bone was hit!

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