Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas is in the air. Oh and I'm back...

I have severely neglected this blog. It makes me a little sad. My life has been all over the place since I last posted. Now I'm trying my hardest to get things back together. Anyway, I don't want to harp on those things right now because I've got a fun Christmas themed nail post for you all that still may read this little old blog.

I used Zoya's Karina and Suvi with a dash of Orly's Halo on my ring fingers. Now get ready for some picture spam!

Its so festive without stepping into the nail art territory. Nothing against nail art because I adore it. I've just never been one to pull that kind of thing off.

(And if you're interested my ring is by maryscabinet on Etsy! Love it.)

Thanks for reading. Hopefully I'll have a couple of more Christmas themes manicures to come!  

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