Sunday, December 16, 2012

I had been on the hunt for the the perfect leopard/cheetah print scarf since last season. I finally found something to fulfill my lemming. I stumbled upon one night and there it was. I put it in my cart and ordered it without hesitation.

When the scarf arrived it was packaged nicely. I wasn't expecting that. Big plus in my opinion and I was able to reuse the packaging to wrap a Christmas present. The scarf was exactly what I wanted and its large enough to be styled multiple ways. I love it. I wore it on a cold night when my honey and I took Christmas pictures. (Post of that to come.) It wore wonderfully. No itching or scratchiness. I hate when you get a beautiful scarf and it's like that. And I didn't have to break the bank. Needless to say I will definitely use again.


Pretty Animal Print Scarf.

Unfortunately it looks like the particular color I got this in is no longer in stock. But there are other varieties here: Animal Print Long Scarf.

Thanks for reading!

*This is not a sponsored post. Just wanted to express my satisfaction with my purchase and give you all a new place to shop!

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