Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rose Bowl

When ever I hear the term Rose Bowl of course I think of football and the Rose Parade. Now you can add nail polish to the list with American Apparel's Rose Bowl.

Once I got it home I realized I had a shade very similar to this which was China Glaze's V. In the bottle they looked almost identical. Turns out that V is a bit lighter that Rose Bowl though. I will do some comparison swatches in the future.

Rose Bowl is a beautiful color on it's own. I'm not sure why but when I wear colors like this they tend to have an orange tint to them against my skin. It's weird.

I wore this to my friends baby shower. It looked nice against the navy dress I was wearing.

The formula is pretty great on these. However I'm not to crazy about the brush. Hm. This is 2 coats with Orly Bonder as a base and Won't Chip top coat. (My got to combo as of late.) Both pictures shot in natural light.

Goodnight everyone!

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