Monday, August 23, 2010


So I've been wearing one of the Sally Hansen's HD polishes since August 15th in Byte. I really adore the color. Every time I looked down I would see a new flash of color whether it be blue or purple or pink.
I didn't take pictures of the polish until the 22nd. Ahh. I only had one major chipped nail. That was my own fault because I applied it crappy on that finger and didn't want to redo it. Haha.

Here are a few so-so pictures. I honestly can't remember how many coats I used.

I've wore this a lot longer than I intended. I actually still have it on chips and all. Shocking for me. I've been to lazy and tired to do anything about it.

Que the what been going on in my life part of the post...
Last week I had a dentist appointment, then a doctor's appointment for a physical on Friday. My physical went well and I voiced my concerns about health issues I've been having. At the end I had to have my blood drawn. I've had to have blood drawn numerous times throughout my life due to various med's I've been on. So I thought this would be a piece of cake. My vein bubbled up to about the size of a quarter while they were taking my blood. Not normal for me. After all was said and done I got extremely lightheaded and nauseous. The nurse had me lay forward and put my head down. Then next thing I remember was waking up sweating and feeling horrid with my doctor and nurses surrounding me. They told me I had a seizure. WHAT!!! It lasted a little less than a minute. They got me on to a table to lay down and recover. I kept shaking like crazy. Then they called my Mom to come and get me since I was in no condition to drive. This was insane. I couldn't believe it happened. Now the real question is if I've got some kind of deficiency or anemia since this has never occurred.
I've felt awful since this has happened. I'm still waiting on my blood work to come back. Say a little prayer for me. I'm hoping things will be ok.

In other news my Mom turned 50 yesterday so Happy Birthday to her! =)

Hopefully I will get back on my nail game soon.


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