Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Emergency Surgery...

I know I've been quiet since my Birthday. Well that is with good reason. On the evening of June 13th I started having excruciating lower stomach pain. It was intense and would not stop. I cried and screamed in pain. I couldn't even walk. My Husband rushed me to the ER.
I was throwing up in the waiting area. Once they got me back I was given morphine and a nausea med. I was running a 102+ fever. The doctor ordered a contrast CT Scan of my abdomen. She thought I had an ovarian cyst or appendicitis. The morphine kicked in and I began to feel a little better. I finally had my CT Scan in the wee hours of the morning and shortly afterward the doctor came in and said well it looks like your appendix is gonna have to come out.
I was terrified. I had never had surgery in my life. They admitted me in the the surgery wing of the hospital. Once I got to my room I immediately projectile vomited on the brand new bed. I felt awful. Thank goodness I had amazing nurses. My poor Husband slept in a little chair. He went home early in the morning to get some necessities and take care of our pups. He got back before I even woke up. They began preparing me for surgery that morning. I was in and out of sleep most of the time though. I was too tired to be scared at this point. They rolled me down to pre-op and got everything prepared and my Husband and I met all of my doctors and had everything explained to us. I was so tired. I prayed and I remember holding my Husband's hand and telling him I loved him before they wheeled me into surgery. I remember moving myself to the operating table and then I was out.
I came to and heard all kinds of strange things and a nurse saying my name. My first thought was well that was quick. Haha. I went to surgery around 11:30 am and came out around 12:25 or so. My Dad drove down and got there just as my Husband got into the waiting room. They said that was a long hour. I finally got taken to my room after 2 pm. I was happy to see my Daddy and Husband. My throat was hurting and I was hungry. Unfortunately I was put on a liquid diet to start off. It wasn't so bad though.
My Dad and Husband said the my Surgeon told them I had a "nasty little appendix" and they had to clean my abdominal wall and pelvis because of puss/infection.
My Dad sent my Husband home in the evening so he could get some rest and he stayed with me for the night. It was hard getting up and going to the bathroom and I had to do it often. I was checked out and released on Saturday morning. I had amazing nurses and care while I was at the hospital. I was happy to go home but was so sore. A good friend came by that evening and brought us food, and flowers. I was so grateful for her kindness.
Recovery has been a rough road. Our pups have been confused about what happened to me. My Husband has been my Superman, and has taken wonderful care of me. My days have been up and down. My swelling has gone down a good bit but I'm bruising and very tender. I am a little over a week post-op. I took my first walk outside a few days ago.
My Dad came to visit again over the weekend. He brought my Mom's famous chicken stew. I tell you I've got a great family support system. It will take me up to a month to fully recover. I go for my check-up with my surgeon on July 2nd. This was certainly not part of our Summer plans, but we are rolling with it. I'm just praying for continued healing and a smooth recovery.

With all that said there won't be any regularity on the blog for a little while, but I can't wait to get back to cute outfits and nail polish!

Thanks for reading!

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