Monday, November 15, 2010

My Love for Dogeared Jewelry

I made my first order with Dogeared Jewelry back in December of 2009. I found out about them via blogger Lollipop26. She raved about them, so I had to check them out.
I believe I blogged about my first purchase. I got the Sterling Silver Love Heals Necklace (with kind heart and teeny angel wings), and Grace Teeny Stud Sterling Silver Angel Wing Earrings (I wore these most of baseball season I believe.) I loved my jewelry so much I went back for more. I then got Light as a Feather Small Sterling Silver Feather Necklace (which I also wore during baseball season, luck I suppose), and Love Flat Heart Stud Sterling Silver Earrings. I got my Mom her Mother's Day present from them too, the Mom's are Angels Sterling Silver Necklace with Angel Wings, and she loved it. Later I decided I wanted a new simple bracelet and got the Keep it Simple Gold Stardust Bead Bracelet on a sterling silver chain. It's a perfect delicate and functional bracelet!
I made my most recent purchase when they were having a special to celebrate their 4th Birthday, and you would receive a gift with your order. I ordered the I am Healthy and My Body is Strong Make A Wish Sterling Silver Angel Wings (on ocean silk) Necklace. I felt like this was a good reminder to help me get through the tough times I've been having. When my package came today I was surprised with the beautiful free Birthday gift. A Make A Wish necklace with a star charm. It's gold and it's beautiful. Such a cool way to celebrate their company's Birthday.
Now I'm not trying to throw my purchases in your face. I just wanted to share with you all what I've ordered in the past year and how much I enjoy wearing their jewelry.  They have such a variety to match your mood/personality. It's fun and I always find something to put on my Wish List.
(If you want to check them out go here:

Now on to some pictures. I even got my dog in on the act. Hehe.

Here is the free Happy 4th Bday Gift. So pretty.
Here's my sweet little guy rocking the necklace. Cute right!

Here is the necklace I purchased. Great message for me.

Me wearing the necklace sans make-up. Don't be cruel. lol.

All the purchases I've made have great meaning behind them and have special significance in my life. It's nice to have jewelry like that. I love the presentation and packing that everything comes in as well. I've never had a problem with shipping, it's usually very quick. Dogeared Jewels & Gifts get a giant thumbs up from me. I hope you check it out if you get the chance.

Thank you for reading!

(All item purchased by me. I was not asked to post this. Just showing appreciation for a company I like.)

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