Thursday, November 4, 2010

Get Naked

Finally, it's mine. The Naked palette that is. It sold out in my area, so I was on the waiting list at Urban Decay. Last week I got the email that said I had 48 hours to snatch it up if I still wanted it. You bet your arse I did. The shipping was super quick to. That was nice.
I remember swatching the colors on my hand from the Try It palette at Ulta, and loved it. So I'm glad it's finally mine.
I'm not wearing much makeup right now, but when I get better I can't wait to use it. I took some pictures of my order. No swatches yet, because I haven't had good lighting.
On to the pictures...

My order. I got a multi-purpose brush as well, so I could get free shipping. =D

So there it is. If I'm able to get swatches I'll post them as an edit later.

Thanks for looking!

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