Saturday, September 11, 2010

Mummy May I

I picked up one polish from the China Glaze Awakening Collection. Mummy May I. There was just something about it. Deep purple glitter goodness. I was excited.
Although this color is a beauty it gave me heck with application. It was very thick and gloopy. I used two coats and it dried to a satin like finish and it was very bumpy. I used Orly Polishield as a top coat. It gave it some shine, but the finish was as still uneven. Ugh. Aside from application I do really adore the color. Vampy and fall like. I think I'll put some thinner in it next time I use it to see if it will ease the application issues.

Now peep the pictures.

Had to add this in since my darling girl was in the background.

Thank you for reading!

P.S. We will never forget. God Bless America.


  1. i love this color too but i had a chipping problem i've used with the cg top coat from this collection and i couldn't use it for 24 hours
    do you like orly polishield? i've read it prevent the chipping i want to find the perfect top coat for this color :)

  2. Oh yes, it's a beauty! =)
    The polishield didn't seem to hold up all that well on me. I used it 2 different times and ended up with major chipping rather quickly.
    I've been on the hunt for a new top coat. Seems like everything I've been using lately doesn't want to work.