Sunday, February 21, 2010

Something Sweet

I'm sick and tired of not posting. I've hauled so many great polishes in the past 2 months.

I'm not able to watermark my photos. Ugh. Oh well I'm posting this anyway.

I picked up CG's Something sweet a few weeks back. It's a creme light pink with a hint of lavender. The formula is alright. As long as there is enough dry time between coats it works wonderfully. For some reason I was never able to photograph the polish until one fluke snowy night here in SC. Haha.

So here is Something Sweet with a coat of Matte Magic on top.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Dip into vlogging

Hi everyone!

I know it's been ages since I've posted and it's been really frustrating for me. I want to bring you better quality photos etc, and without the editors I had on my old computer it's just not possible yet. Arg.

With that said I may start vlogging on youtube about my beauty hauls and post them here. Then you will at least get to see things on here again.


Thanks for the support.


Friday, February 5, 2010

Polish I've picked up...

Again so sorry for lack of pictures and posts. It's driving me nuts not having anything to edit photos with.

Anyway, I made an order with Trans Design on Thursday because I've heard so many bloggers talk about picking up polish from them. I was not disappointed. My package came today. Mind you I live about an hour away from their location, so it's pretty great.

I had a small lemming list so here is what I got.

Color Club- Warhol (I had no clue they were doing an artsy theme line. Warhol is my favorite artist so a polish with his name was a must!)
China Glaze- Something Sweet
Essie- Van D'go (Again another favorite artist of mine.)
OPI- Mad as a Hatter
And some Nail Tek Foundation II

Overall the colors I selected are very bright. I need to spicy my mani's up because this winter weather can get you down.

Pictures soon.

Thanks for reading.