Friday, February 5, 2010

Polish I've picked up...

Again so sorry for lack of pictures and posts. It's driving me nuts not having anything to edit photos with.

Anyway, I made an order with Trans Design on Thursday because I've heard so many bloggers talk about picking up polish from them. I was not disappointed. My package came today. Mind you I live about an hour away from their location, so it's pretty great.

I had a small lemming list so here is what I got.

Color Club- Warhol (I had no clue they were doing an artsy theme line. Warhol is my favorite artist so a polish with his name was a must!)
China Glaze- Something Sweet
Essie- Van D'go (Again another favorite artist of mine.)
OPI- Mad as a Hatter
And some Nail Tek Foundation II

Overall the colors I selected are very bright. I need to spicy my mani's up because this winter weather can get you down.

Pictures soon.

Thanks for reading.

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