Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Winter Wonderland!

It happened. It finally happened. It snowed on Christmas for the first time in my life. How amazing, and beautiful. I hope everyone had a joyous day. It was nice, and of course the snow that came made it perfect.

Today I played in the snow with my dogs and Dad while everyone else stayed in. I took tons of pictures on my new DSLR. It was fun, cold and fun!

So here is my Christmas manicure. Plan and simple Ruby Deer by China Glaze. Nice in two coats. Had some balding from my top coat, but it was no biggie. The last 3 photos are the most true to life.

Now on to some snow pictures.

Jumping to catch snow in her mouth. Gosh she's so cute!

So there are a few pictures. I wish I could add them all. So many cute ones that's for sure!

Thanks for reading!

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