Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Yellow It's Me

What a great title for my new polish post since I've been on hiatus, and the polish.

I have been on the hunt for Sally's Hansen's Hidden Treasure and have had NO luck. Sad face.

How ever I stumbled upon some beauties yesterday.
I picked up Niclole by OPI's Yellow it's Me, and Dream Maker. I immediately did a mani/pedi last night. The colors are somewhat on the sheer side but buildable. Yellow it's Me is of course a yellow with pink glass flecked shimmer. So gorgeous. Dream Maker is a pink with a goldenish glass flecked shimmer. It is a lot more sheer than Yellow it's Me.

Photos show Yellow it's Me on my fingernails. Nailtek foundation II base, 3 coats of polish and then Seche top coat. I had a heck of a time getting a picture of the gorgeous pink shimmer. It's there I swear.

Peep the pretty.
Later fellow polish lovers!

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